Hruz, Paul

Ph.D., M.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrinology

Dr. Hruz’s research interests include intermediary carbohydrate metabolism, glucose transporter structure and function and mechanism of insulin action. A primary focus has been the elucidation of molecular mechanisms leading to altered glucose homeostasis during the treatment of HIV infection.  The laboratory has discovered that HIV protease inhibitors selectively and reversibly inhibit the GLUT4 facilitative glucose transporter. Ongoing studies are being directed toward elucidating the selectivity of these drugs in blocking the activity of each of the known facilitative glucose transport proteins.  This information is being used to target GLUT proteins in diseases that are dependent upon glucose transport including malaria and human cancer.   In addition, Dr. Hruz has contributed to studies to understand the role of glucose transport in the normal and failing heart.  Another major focus is to determine the structural dynamics of facilitative glucose transport using the rich resources available in the CIMED and other established core facilities at Washington University.