Call for Applications for Pilot and Feasibility Awards

Center for the Investigation of Membrane Excitability Diseases
Pilot Grant Program

CIMED sponsors a pilot project program. Center members are eligible to apply for two year grants of up to $25,000/year to be used for acquisition of new preliminary data for interdisciplinary studies related to the Center’s mission.

Key components for 2019 application:

  • Application restricted to 3 page proposal
  • Requirement for explicit consideration of mission-specific concerns and scope

General: Select NIH PHS 398 (Rev. 06/09) non-modular format pages will be required along with 3-page Research Plan. The proposal and all accompanying documents must be e-mailed as a single PDF document to Paula Reynolds ( by 5:00 PM, November 29, 2019.  Applications do NOT need to be routed through the Grants & Contracts office.

Applicant Eligibility: Applications will be accepted from any faculty member of CIMED. Center membership is open to any WU faculty with a primary or collaborative interest in membrane excitability and disease. To request membership, please contact the Director. Center members are encouraged to partner with other Center members ( to craft collaborative, transdisciplinary projects. Applications should be for new initiatives that are not currently funded by external or internal grant mechanisms, and should focus on excitability mechanisms, diseases and therapies. Initiatives may include new projects, or development of new infrastructure, with the potential to generate preliminary data for competitive external funding mechanisms. Information about previously funded projects can be found at

Budget: Direct costs of up to $25,000 per year may be requested. A second year of funding may be available, contingent on submission of a single-page progress report, to be considered along with new applications. In the event that external support is obtained, it is expected that remaining funds shall be returned to the center. Special permission is required to carry forward more than 25% remaining funds at the budget year-end. The budget may not include funds for PI salaries, travel, journal subscriptions, memberships or purchase of general reference materials. In the event that the PI leaves the university, any equipment purchased with this support may be retained by CIMED, subject to negotiation with the Director.

Application Instructions: The application should include the following PHS398 (06/09) form pages: NIH Face Page (fp1) NIH Description and Performance Sites (fp2). NIH Budget & Justification Pages (fp4, fp5) NIH Biographical Sketch (maximum 4 pages) NIH Formatted Other Support (continuation page) NIH Resources (resources format page)

Research Plan – Items A-D. This section should not exceed 3 pages, including figures. In the Significance section, provide answers to the following questions: (1) Will this study involve collaborations with other members of CIMED? (2) Will this study involve use of existing CIMED core facilities or help to develop additional infrastructure? (3) What do you seek to accomplish within the temporal and budgetary constraints of this award, and how will success drive further studies? (4) How is this award expected to lead to outside funding?

Proposal Review: Each proposal will be evaluated by the CIMED review committee, consisting of the Director, plus four additional center members. Review will be completed in time for budget year to begin 1/1/20.

Regulatory Approvals: As applicable, approvals will be required, but these may be pending at time of submission:

Human Research Protection Office  314-633-7400 – Campus Box 8089
Animal Studies Committee 314-362-3229 – Campus Box 8025
Environmental Health and Safety 314-362-6816 – Campus Box 8229
Radiation Safety 314-362-3476 – Campus Box 8053


For more information, contact: Director, Colin Nichols (, Jayma Mikes ( or Paula Reynolds (